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All In One Place, ‘The Unseen Encyclopedia’ has been created to consolidate all of the hidden and enlightening information that you need to know in order to understand the world, society, and reality in which you live.

This Site is a Work In Progress. Be patient as more content is published.

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Everything is connected. Everything is both a cause and an effect for and from something else. This site, this database, is designed so that all of the pertinent knowledge and how it is all connected together, connected to you, is easily and readily accessible as one web of enlightenment.

Humanity desperately needs to acquire the Knowledge, the key that is necessary in order to shed the shackles of ignorance that have enslaved us, and rendered us victims of our fate rather than its rulers.

We who have created this database understand how difficult it is to perceive and comprehend the entire picture, both big and small, and how they are entwined together. We understand how scattered, separated, and divided both the people of Earth and the various areas of information that are out there have become.

The fundamental purpose for this site’s creation, is to unite as many human beings as possible by bringing together all of the respective Knowledge that each one of us has to offer, that is all connected. The understanding of this interconnection, why it is all connected, is directly tied to our fate. We also want to make it as easy as possible for those of us who are seeking to understand to be able to have one place that they can find everything that they need to reach an adequate level of understanding.