Not only was what happened on September 11, 2001 a world and society altering set of events, it was a set of events (as presented to the public) completely based in lies, manipulation, deceit and exploitation. This makes the events of this day to be so utterly pertinent, (and due to the recency, relevant, that we have decided to place it right underneath the Natural Laws of Reality on our “By Relevancy” page.

You will find everything that you could possibly need on this page in order to reach a firm and thorough understanding of what DID NOT happen on that day, as well as all of the evidence necessary to determine what DID actually happen. You will also find plenty of resources that can assist in shedding some light on the connections in the political, geo-political, governmental, financial, military, and corporate sectors of the world to the events and subsequent effects of that day, now nearly twenty years in our past.

We do not see the “who was responsible?” question as the pressing question, but rather the “what?”, “why?” and “how?” as the more important questions to be concerned with.

What?”: meaning what DID NOT happen on 09/11/2001, and what DID happen? “Why?”: meaning why did the events of that day take place? What was the intention behind them? What were the reasons, the goals, the effects; that we can now discern and understand? “How?”: meaning how was what happened on 09/11/2001 accomplished scientifically, and how was it covered up infrastructurally?

We understand that there is a very targeted fixation on the “who was responsible?” question, but we feel that by recognizing and accepting the scientifically provable realities of the 09/11 events first and foremost, followed by the discovery of why it was done, how it altered our western society, our individual and collective lives, as well as the middle eastern societies, we are sticking to what is absolutely essential. Through this critical knowledge and understanding, we will be able to produce the most effective and efficient real-world results, including holding those responsible at all levels accountable. Focusing on the “who?” is something that those who benefited and are still benefiting from the effects of 09/11 would want us to do, because we are not able to truly prove their guilt at this time, not until we come together as a united America and human family under the provable and indisputable Truth of that day. At that time, we will have the means to take those further steps that we all so desperately want to take. We cannot ascend to a step that is nine steps above us without climbing the ones between us and it first.

We have listed the information and resources by category in the sections below. Some of the resources and information contain some or all of the above questions together, but we have done our best to ensure that you find what you are looking for.

What DID NOT and DID happen on 09/11/2001?

9/11 Playlist

Are you aware that a 3rd building “collapsed” on 09/11/2001? It was not hit by a plane according to even the government sponsored story.
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Join actor, Ed Asner and Architect Richard Gage, AIA and Architects and Engineers as they narrate an unfolding story that decimates the official account (“collapse due to normal office fires”) of this 47 story high-rise which was destroyed on the afternoon of 9/11 in record time: top to bottom in under 7 seconds – and at free-fall acceleration for a third of its fall. Solving the Mystery of the Free-Fall Collapse of WTC 7.
Dr. Judy Wood earned a Ph.D. Degree from Virginia Tech and is a former professor of mechanical engineering. She has research expertise in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, deformation analysis, materials characterization and materials engineering science. Her research has involved testing materials, including complex-material systems, in the area of photomechanics, or the use of optical and image-analysis methods to determine physical properties of materials and measure how materials respond to forces placed on them. Her area of expertise involves interferometry in forensic science.

Dr. Wood started to question the events of 9/11 on that same day when what she saw and heard on television was contradictory and appeared to violate the laws of physics. Since that day she has used her knowledge of engineering mechanics to prove that the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers could not have happened as the American public was told.

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Multi-media Technician – Researcher – Documentary Filmmaker: Wolf Clan Media, may have possibly made the most important 09/11/2001 documentary ever created. This documentary is more designed for those of us who are have already researched and studied 09/11 prior to viewing.

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“September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” is a 5 hour documentary that summarizes 12 years of public debate on 9/11. All the most important issues in the debate are presented in full detail, showing both the positions of those who reject the official version, the 9/11 Truth Movement, and the positions of those who support it, called “the debunkers.” You can be the judge.

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Mark Passio created a lecture on the physics of 09/11 that has aided in many people’s understanding of what DID NOT happen that day.

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