Marshall Vian Summers: ‘Allies For Humanity’

Whether the viewer believes that the words contained within Marshall’s work, “The Allies For Humanity” book series, was transmitted by ExtraTerrestials or not, or even if the viewer does not believe that there are ExtraTerrestials at all (or are on/influencing this world) or not, the message that is conveyed through them is one of pertinent Truth and tremendous impact. We do however encourage the viewer to do very diligent and in depth research on the matter of ExtraTerrestials, as there is ample evidence for their existence, presence and influence on Earth.

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The Allies of Humanity: Book One, An Urgent Message About the Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

The Allies Of Humanity: Book 2, Human Unity, Freedom and The Hidden Reality of Contact

The Allies of Humanity: BOOK 3, A MESSAGE TO EARTH

The Allies of Humanity: Book 4, Freedom In The Universe