Natural Law

Mark Passio has the most complete, prioritized and well put together presentation on Natural Law that I at least have come across in my years. We at The Unseen Encyclopedia do not agree with all of Mark’s opinions outside of the indisputable Truths of Natural Law, and those opinions should be further researched in depth by the viewer. We do encourage however that the viewer listens to Mark’s entire 200+ episode “What On Earth Is Happening” pod/video-cast, as well has all of his visual presentations that are on his YouTube Channel.

Natural Law Presentation, Part 1
Just as with Mark Passio, we here at The Unseen Encyclopedia do not agree with all of the opinions expressed at Evolve Consciousness that are not pertinent, concrete and indisputable facts. We again encourage the in depth research of these opinions by the viewer on their own. Evolve Consciousness Website

Evolve Consciousness Natural Law
The raw Truth of Natural Law is beautifully conveyed in Marshall’s “The Allies For Humanity” book series. If the viewer needs to perceive the context and some of the details within these books as fiction in order to receive and fully understand the message… so be it.
The creators of The Unseen Encyclopedia are known as “Laws Of Reality” (no spaces in username) on Instagram. I have embedded our posts on Natural Law (Mark Passios most important slides) here on the above page. We will be creating our own slides and presentations in the near-future.