The Brain Database

Full screen online version of the Braindatabase: Full Brain

Download the Brain software (Windows/Mac):

View the embedded Brain database here (If it doesn’t show in Firefox, you may need to do the “Refresh” to make it work):

TheBrainDatabase Program is designed to be a storehouse of various information and to connect it together as a massive web. The far right are 3rd hand investigative leads that are pulled up by the other related entries in the data base. On the right in the window, if not minimized, will show citations: in the text box, as well links, videos, audio, books, and other information relating to that data point and how it relates to the others around it. Each citation should be studied. If you don’t find the citation there, check those directly around the center connection, and if that doesn’t provide the citations, usually a quick online search will be all you need to find the information to explain that connection. Sometimes it will require reading a book to get the exact information.