What is Truth?

What is Truth? Truth is that which is. Truth is that which is objectively the Reality that exists and how it exists, how it works. Truth is both the process and the result.

There are two different types of Truth; Immutable Truth and Mutable Truth. The discernment and particulars between what is Truth that cannot be changed versus what is Truth that is capable of being changed are the first things that we must establish in order to continue onward and further describe and articulate what the Truth specifically is.

These two types of Truth are interconnected and interwoven as micro and macrocosm. The awareness, understanding, acceptance of and alignment with Immutable Truth by a population of human level intelligent beings, or the ignorance, rejection of and nonalignment with it, will reflect in what their Mutable, Microcosmic Truth is. When Immutable Truth is known and acted in accordance with, the Microcosmic Situation of a given population and its society will Truthfully have the highest odds of surviving, evolving, thriving and consistently succeeding. When the Immutable Truth is not known and is not acted in accordance with, the Microcosmic Truth is the opposite. A given population and its society in this Situation will have the lowest odds of surviving, evolving, thriving and succeeding.

Microcosmic Truth is Mutable because it is dependent on the consciousness and behavior of the individuals and hence the collective that exists within a given Microcosmic society/world. For example, it is dependent on the human race of Earth whether or not a War is fought on Earth, or whether or not there is Poverty on Earth. The Macrocosmic Truth is Immutable because it is what it is irregardless of the consciousness and behavior of those that make up the society/world of any given Microcosm. It is the Truth at all times and in all places, and although it can be unknown, ignored and unaligned with, it cannot be changed and it will never cease to effect everyone, everywhere.

As a very basic example, when the temperature of an oven is scorching hot, it does not matter what people do, if the oven is touched it will be scorching hot, and will burn. Without the knowledge of and the alignment with Immutable Truth, the Mutable Truth will be changed to and/or kept in a state of unnecessary suffering, decay; stagnancy at the very least. If a person does not know the oven is scorching hot, they will touch it and suffer. If they do know that it is scorching hot, they now have the Knowledge in order to avoid suffering by taking certain actions, such as not touching the stove, using an oven mitt or turning the temperature down. A person cannot change the Immutable, Macro Reality of ‘scorching hot’ being what it is or the effects that it has, but a person can change what their Mutable, Micro Reality is by what they do with that Immutable Reality and the Knowledge of it (or lack thereof).

When The Mutable Truth is that an individuals body is not healthy, it can be changed to become healthy with first, the Knowledge of this current Mutable Truth, and secondly the proper Knowledge of the Immutable Truth of how the body functions, what can cause it to be unhealthy, what actions can cause it to become healthy and then taking those actions. It works in the same way for a collection of individuals, the body in this case being society/the world. When the Mutable Truth is that society is unhealthy and detrimental, this can be changed to where society is healthy and symbiotic when the collection of individuals that comprise it are aware of this Mutable Truth being the situation that they are in, and when they possess the Knowledge of Immutable Truth, the Truth of how to rectify the situation.